Zoey Kaczor

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11330047_473116792853208_7995986728708481206_nOur hero today is Zoey Kaczor.  Zoey was born in 2010. Everything was good for the family. They were enjoying watching Zoey grow, and then in late 2012 the whole family got sick. The whole family came down with the crude. Mom and dad got better, but Zoey did not.

Since Zoey was not getting better, in fact, she was getting worse, mom and dad took Zoey to Urgent Care. At Urgent Care, it was confirmed that Zoey had the flu. The doctor suggested they take Zoey to the ER because Zoey didn’t look well at all. While at the ER, they did blood work and found that Zoey’s platelets were very low and determined she need a blood transfusion.

To get the blood transfusion, Zoey had to transfer to Children’s Hospital. She received the transfusion and also a bone marrow test. When the results of the bone marrow test came back, it was the worst news to start the new year off with. January 2013 is when the parents found out that their baby had cancer. Zoey was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was two years old.

Right away treatment began to rid Zoey’s body of this cancer. The first six months of treatment were very hard on Zoey. There was six scheduled inpatient stays for the first six months. She received chemo in high doses, which resulted in very painful mouth sores and a significant amount of weight being gained from the steroids. But Zoey did not quit, and she did something that most men are taught not to do. She fought like a girl.

Fight like a girl is the motto of Zoey’s fight against cancer and boy did she ever. Once through with the first round she entered the maintenance part of treatment. And things got a little easier for Zoey. She was still receiving chemo, but at lower dosages. This kept the side effects at a minimum. Through528893_136968083134749_761852976_n all the treatment and all the pain, Zoey fought like a girl and came out the other side a survivor.

She is currently about a month away from completing treatment. She has been going through a lot of “last” things here lately. In February, she had her last lumbar puncture. In May, it was her “last” chemo treatment. Also in May, it was her “last” steroid shot. The only thing left now is a few at home oral doses of chemo, and her treatment will be complete. And none too early for this soon to be five-year-old. She is due to start kindergarten this fall.

So today 19JUN15 I won’t fight like a girl, but I will ride like a girl for Ms. Zoey, our hero of the day. She went to battle for her life. She fought the only way she knew how. The way that most boys are taught not to fight, like a girl. Well whatever it was, if it was, fight like a girl, or the fight in the girl, it worked. She pulled through and today I will ride in her honor. Zoey it is my honor to ride in your name. Keep up the fight, and keep living life on your terms. Godspeed Ken.

To read more about Zoey’s fight go to https://www.facebook.com/ZoeysArmy

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