Tyler Shannon

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11245330_10155524114390527_1573623611_n-2Tyler Shannon is our hero today.  Born in 2009, Tyler was a healthy toddler. When he was three years old, something slowly started changing.  It started one day when his eye started itching.  Not much was thought of it until the parents noticed he was constantly rubbing his eyes.  So Jenn made an appointment for her baby to see the eye doctor.

The doctor saw Tyler and not much was said other than come back in a year, and your son is fine.  Six months later they took Tyler to the pediatrician, had his vision screened, and all was fine then.  The pediatrician told the parents that not to worry about the optometrist visit that was due in six months.

Then one day Jenn was speaking with her ophthalmologist and just mentioned the story of Tyler in jest.  Her doc insisted that she get Tyler to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  So Jenn heeded his warning and was able to get Tyler an appointment a month later.

It was 24SEP13; Tyler went in for a routine eye exam, and they found a white mass in his left eye.  A week later he was at UVA to see a specialist.  The ocular oncologist checked the mass out, and he thought it to be benign.  Then a month later they went back for a check-up, and the doctor found a second tumor.  At about the same time, Tyler began having petit mal seizures.

23OCT13 while having an MRI and an eye exam under anesthesia,  Tyler received the diagnosis of bilateral retinoblastoma.  Another child that undeservedly contracted cancer.  Three tumors discovered in each eye.  Tyler and family immediately met with a pediatric oncologist and a pediatric surgeon.  Then three days later they returned to UVA Children’s Hospital to have Tyler’s port placed and start laser therapy with cryotherapy.  He also began chemotherapy.

Tyler has undergone fourteen EUAs, two MRIs, six months of chemotherapy, approximately ten rounds of laser and cryotherapy, and countless rounds of blood work.  Many prayers and many long nights hoping that things would be successful for their baby.11263765_10155524114360527_1458501554_n-2

So today 24MAY15 I ride for Tyler: a hero, a survivor, and one brave young man.  It is awesome to hear that Tyler’s
cancer is in remission, and he is doing well.  I will be truly honored to ride in your name Tyler, thanks.  May your day be blessed as I know mine will because I get to honor a brave young man.  Godspeed Ken.


You can read more about Tyler at: https://www.facebook.com/jenn.j.shannon