The Ride

JackWritten Memories

21454_10200549353436936_1613552639_n35 states, 10,750 miles.  Many new friends, many new heroes, and angels.  Man, what a ride it was.  First I would like to thank the many of hundreds, if not thousands of people who have followed my trip.  Without you, none of this would have been possible.  You helped me from day one, through day 161.  Whether  by donating a dollar, a kind word, or prayers.  I am truly thankful for all of you.

My ride to help raise awareness for childhood cancer was one that I will never forget.  I experienced more on this ride than I have on all the other 200,000 plus miles I have ridden across these great states.  I have met so many people that I will always remember.  We helped some along the way, but we also lost some along the way.  And the ones we lost, they will never be forgotten.  Their lives will not end in vain.  We will continue to fight until there is a cure, or until we physically can’t fight no more.

Those that became angels along the way, it breaks my heart.  It breaks my heart that these kids had to give all to something that they don’t even know why that it took all.  When will the government finally cave in and give the support to the kids?  When will childhood cancer get the support that it deserves?  With the latest news about the doctors that have come up missing or dead, which are involved with childhood cancer, you got to wonder if childhood cancer will ever get the support it deserves.

But, my ride, my next ride, and the ride after that will be for the children.  And any other ride that we support with our new organization, Heroes and Angels, will be for the children.  Through the course of this past trip, we decided we wanted to be able to help without having to rely on any other organization.  And so began the idea of Heroes and Angels.  Our mission, is simply to help children and their families, that live with cancer, with their nonmedical needs.  Meaning we will help with transportation, overnight stays, money to help keep the lights on, and whatever else that consist of day-to-day living.  We don’t want just to help, but we want to make a difference.

To make a difference, it will take the help of all you who have followed me on this journey.  Not only you, but everyone who has a heart and says enough is enough.  We have to fight for our children. We are the voice for them.  They do have a voice, yes, but we have the bigger voice that can fight while they fight these evil demons that infiltrate their bodies.  We have to shoulder the load and fight for their future while they take on the arduous task of fighting for their lives.  If you look back at the heroes and angels that I rode for along this journey,  you see their faces (below).  If you can somehow tell me that each and every one of them doesn’t deserve all we can give, I’d be shocked.  But, you can’t, because they all need us to do all we can to help preserve their lives.  They are so innocent (scroll down to bottom to finish post).



To the families that are dealing with childhood cancer, my mind has been thoroughly blown by your fortitude.  The strength to do a complete 180 and change your lives as if it were nothing, to jump right in the fight for your child’s life.  I know it’s hard, I lived it.  I wish it upon no other human being.  But, those of us that have lived or are living it, we are a special breed.  We magically find the strength and courage to take cancer head on, grab it by the, you know what, and whip its ass till we can’t possibly do any more.  Then we find something else, something deep down that only we possess.  We get back on the horse and fight till the end.

I could go on for days about this, but I would like to leave you with on last thing.  All though it is not our choice for those that have lived this life, we were chosen because somebody greater than ourselves knew that we would persevere.  So when things are just downright shitty, remember there is a plan for each and every one of us.

As I end this, I would like to say a special thanks to, Brandy and Jack.  Without you guys, this ride would have been just another ride.  You provided more support than I would have dreamed.  And as we move forward I look forward to working with both of you in our new adventure, Heroes and Angels Corp.  I challenge everyone reading this as soon as you stop reading, please go to and like our page and follow us.  We will keep Ken’s 10000 miles Facebook page updated for the foreseeable future.   We are already planning the next ride,” MAKING MILES FOR CHILDHOOD CANCER”.  Once we get our application back from the IRS for tax exemption, we will have a better idea of when that ride will start.  If anyone is interested in getting involved with our organization in any facet, just leave us a message on the Facebook Page.

I thank you all one last time.  For now, and for always, Godspeed, Ken.