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Now when you read this, lets not get all caught up in the different religions, just focus on the main points.  And when your done reading this, share it, share it again, and then share it again.  Lets all rally together no matter what foundation you support.  We should all get behind the McGrath’s, and support their family for the injustice way their daughter has been treated.  Read with an open mind and don’t forget to share and like.

This post is in reference to this article:

Battle Creek Michigan throws itself right into the middle of the fire with this latest debacle. First I would like everyone that reads this to share it with the whole world. Now me being me, don’t know a whole lot about anything, just out here pedaling my bicycle for childhood cancer, but if I didn’t know any better, I think St. Joseph Middle School just screwed itself.

Let us think about this for a minute. Look at the facts. Here’s Ms. McGrath, a hero in my eye. She suffers from leukemia and has since late 2012. So we know that Ms. McGrath probably has had to miss school some, with treatment for leukemia, you could imagine that might take up some of “valuable” school time. Next we have St. Joseph. Correct me if I am wrong here, this should probably be a Catholic school, right? Now like I said I don’t know much about anything, just a little about a lot, but wouldn’t you think that a Catholic school would want to do right by everybody? One would think that, tuition payments could be involved with a Catholic School (and after further review, viola, there it is the cost of tuition. And if you determine you need more research ( go here to read about this school.

Now I am not going to take the time to look for this schools rules of attendance and all that; you know they have some, just like every school. Got to be there so many days a year to pass. But let’s get real. Now you might want to close your ears on some of this, I might get a little beside myself.

IF ST.JOSEPH IS A CATHOLIC SCHOOL AND IN THE SENSE OF CATHOLIC, IT PRACTICES THE RELIGION, WOULD NOT THE CHURCH WANT TO TREAT EVERYONE FAIR AND JUST?????? I don’t know much about Catholicism, other than I use to go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and then go drink beer. But, I know they worship some form of God, and I am sure they believe in Jesus (I’m not trying to start a holy war here people, just trying to state a fact). But wasn’t it the premise that we are to treat people the way we want to be treated, and that we do right by all? Well that’s how it was, and its suppose to be, but the world has strayed far from acting somewhat civilized. But still St. Joseph Middle School, you are kicking a child out of school that is in the fight of her life because she missed too many days. From reading the article provided above, it states she was up to date on her studies. Have a heart. You took the one normal thing in this young ladies life and squashed it, in front of her face.

I don’t know much about hail Mary’s and confession, but I think that maybe the administration at St. Joseph Middle School might want to think about speaking with a priest after crushing the dreams of this young lady. Has the administration sent teachers to her house to help with the curriculum? We see that happen time and time again with children that suffer from cancer. And do you know why it’s done? Because the nice little man/ woman that runs that particular school has a heart and cares about the child. I would think if the students parents have kept the tuition bill current, then why kick them out? At least you were making money off it. But, I don’t have all the facts, but I do have a heart. And if it were me, I would do everything in my power to give that young lady some sense of normalcy. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for kicking her out of school. I truly don’t care what the underlying factors are. We treat people the way we want to be treated. So, obviously the administration at St. Joseph Middle School, wants to be treated as one who has had their dreams crushed. One who has had the one thing that they cared about stolen right out from under their nose.

What would your mothers say about this? Did you ever stop to think what mom would say? Probably not, you were probably thinking about, Lord knows what, but obviously it wasn’t thinking with a conscience. Towards the end of the article it states that Father John Fleckenstein was thinking of: we need to do something to make sure she’s getting what she needs. I assume that means let’s hold her out and make her repeat the grade since she missed so much class. But instead shouldn’t it mean: let’s go above and beyond and help this HERO that has fought tooth and nail for her life. Let us make all things available to this young lady. It’s not her fault she has Leukemia. It’s not like she’s out partying with the local crackheads down 44th street. She’s at home in bed because she can’t do anything else. Don’t you think she wants to be at school? Now granted I never wanted to be at school, but to a child that is going through the type of treatment she is going through, she wants to be at school believe me Father John.

I am going to stop here because I am not trying to start a holy war, or say this or that about any religion. I have my beliefs, you have your beliefs, and let’s keep it at that. What I am trying to say is: how can any person, no matter the religion, the sex, or the color take the one thing that someone has, and rip it from them. To feel normal, or to feel like the majority, especially as a young child or young adult is one of the biggest parts of a child’s development. And this school, this administration just took that from our hero Rose McGrath. So today (23APR15) without ever speaking with this young lady or knowing nothing more about her, I want to dedicate my days ride to a special young lady. A lady that has fought the good fight and continues to fight the good fight. Ms. Rose McGrath you are a hero, don’t worry what this school has done. They will reap what they sow. You my lady are a true hero, and I will be honored to ride in honor of you. Godspeed. Ken.


Remember don’t forget to share and like.  If you have a heart you will see that its not about anything other than the child.  We must go above and beyond and make the children feel special.  If we don’t, or can’t, then there is something bigger that is wrong with society and I am not sure that I want to see the end result.  Share this so that Rose can have her sense of normalcy back.  Thanks

Here is a video of Rose signing a letter of intent with the WMU volleyball team, aided by Team Impact.