Raygan Skye Batton

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First and foremost Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  If not for you, we would be nothing.  You bare us, You raise us, You care for us, and you discipline us.  We could not become the person we are without you.  I hope all you mother’s out there have a wonderful day.

Today’s hero of the day is, Raygan Skye Batton.  Before I say anything else, I would like to say that I apologize for not being able to meet Ms. Raygan.  I was contacted by Donna Abshire and she let me know where Raygan lived, but I was already about 80 miles past her city.  Wish it would have worked out a little different.  But today I will honor Raygan as my hero of the day.

Raygan, better know as Ray Ray, is a childhood cancer survivor.  At the age of 21 months, she was diagnosed with high-risk Neuroblastoma stage IV.  Ray Ray weighed a whopping 23 pounds soaking wet, but she had a monster in her belly that weighed 3 pounds.  So, 13% of her less than, two-year-old body, was a mass that did not belong there.

And so that began the rooting out process.  Ray Ray endured 18 months of treatment.  She had six rounds of chemo, stem cell harvest, surgery, high dose chemo with stem cell transplant, 20 days of sedated radiation, and six months of antibody therapy.  Ray Ray finished treatment on 05OCT14

Long before Ray Ray was done with treatment,  the community and an army of volunteers, stepped in to show their support of Ray Ray.  The community came together and helped raise funds to support Ray Ray and her grandparents.  There were several different events to include: a vendor fair, an expo, cake walks, lemonade stands, area athletic teams hosting benefits, Ray of Sunshine Festival Day, and others.  What I am amazed at is how this community pulled together to help this young lady out.  It’s amazing to see the effort put in by all those folks to help one person.

Ray Ray and her family have also been able to pay it forward.  They were able to donate to several families that were dealing with childhood cancer, as well as to the UVA Children’s Hospital through the “Racin with Raygan” event and several other events.

As of April, Ray Ray has been free of any evidence of the disease.  She has beaten a disease that has taken the life of so many.  That doesn’t mean she will live the rest of her life cancer free, but for now she is winning the war.

Raygan is a blessed three-year-old little ray of sunshine who lives with her grandparents, Gene and  Donna Abshire.   And it was Donna who discovered the lump in her stomach one day while bathing Ray Ray.  Ray Ray referred to the lump as a monster in her stomach and never thought anything was wrong with her stomach.  She was and is, always a pleasant child to be around.  You can usually find her smiling, laughing, and singing with her grandmother Donna.

Raygan Batton is a strong young lady.  She has been blessed to have such caring and loving people around her.  She is a childhood cancer survivor and today Raygan is my hero.  Ms. Ray Ray, today I honor you, my hero, by riding in your name.  You are a survivor, and a true testament of what good, can come from people in general.  I am honored to ride this day, 10MAY15 in your name.  May your day be blessed, and if our paths should cross again, I would love to meet11257618_10155578974890425_1600137321_n you in person.  Godspeed Ken.

To see more about Raygan and her story go to: Raygan Batton Facebook

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