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11656141_10204514376799881_735173458_oRachel Turnage is our hero today.  Born in 2006 Rachel adores Sonic the Hedgehog, loves video games, building and creating new inventions (usually to entertain her two cats!).  Rachel has lived one amazingly wild and bumpy life.  She has accomplished more in her nine years then most will achieve in a lifetime.

See, Rachel has lived no ordinary life.  She has far exceeded what the average person can accomplish.  At the sweet young age of three, Rachel was diagnosed with Leukemia.  After a tough two-year battle, she was in remission.  But, after a short stint of the “healthy” list, the Leukemia came out of remission, and it was time for Rachel to fight for life again.  And fight she did.

For six years, Rachel battled Leukemia.  And she beat it twice.  After showing Leukemia, who was the boss, Rachel went on to become a blue/black belt in Chun Kuk Do karate, and an All-A Honor Roll student three years running.  She has a radiant smile and wants to be a chemist when she grows up.

Well growing up is now taking a back seat to fighting for her life again.  Recently, Rachel began exhibiting some concerning symptoms. Tests revealed a tumor in the left frontal-parietal lobe of her brain. She has a grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumor.  Due to the amount of radiation her body was subjected to while fighting Leukemia, the doctors feel that the very thing that saved her has created this glioblastoma.  The prognosis for this inoperable, cancerous, rapidly growing tumor is dismal. Even with this, there is hope.   The words “rare” and “prognosis is only 10-20%” have been said and heard before.  But Rachel and the family are not intimidated.  She’s beating cancer twice, and she fully intends to beat the odds again.

In a recent post about Rachel’s health, the family stated:

Rachel had another long week of treatments but is slowly coming off the steroids. We will get a new MRI at the beginning of September. We hope and pray every day that the things we are doing will win the fight. We will not give up. Ever. Thank you for your donations, and we are working on additional ways of raising funds. We are going to create a YouTube channel for her, and a Facebook page that offers ads by visiting them. Our hope is to get the attention of Novocure and have her treated after the radiation and chemo cycles have completed. Thank you, everyone, who has contributed – you have our eternal gratitude in contributing to saving our daughter!!!!

To donate to her cause you can go to: http://www.gofundme.com/xuv2uw .  One can only 11660144_10204500671817265_1832923210_oimagine that the expenses of fighting off Leukemia for six years, and then to be hit with another cancer diagnosis.  I am sure the family would appreciate any donation to help their baby beat this cancer.

So for the young lady that will become a chemist a few years down the road, you Rachel, are my hero.  And on 13JUL15, I will ride in honor of your name.  Your life has been anything but ordinary, you have beaten cancer twice, and you will do it again.  And that day that you become a chemist, you will finally choose either, curing cancer or an invisibility potion.  Keep fighting young warrior, godspeed Ken.

To see more about this amazing young lady go to https://www.facebook.com/100009704471854 and view her Facebook page.

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