Pray for Michael

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Born in 2010, Michael is a hero, better yet a superhero. Michael had been rocking and rolling along for three and a half years. Then Michael came down with a fever. Well, not much was thought of him having a fever until that fever lasted two weeks off and on. Next he complained about his belly hurting really bad. And that’s when Michael’s parents took him to see the pediatrician.

They can remember that day all too well. It was a Thursday that they went to see the doc. September 19th. We arrived at the doctors where they did some blood work, and we were told to go home, and that they would call us in the morning. We got back home and at 7pm that evening it was the pediatrician, and she said that the lab work was abnormal and that we needed to go straight to Children’s Hospital.

Once we arrived at Children’s, the ER doctor was waiting for us. Mom Kathy, assumed that things were somewhat ok; she thought maybe a virus or infection. But the words that came out of the doctor’s mouth was something that the family was not ready to hear. Leukemia, no way. Our Michael, our angel from God. I think there has been some mistake here. Unfortunately, there was no mistake, and Michael diagnosis was high-risk Leukemia 19SEP13.

The parents of Michael were in disbelief and angry. Angry at everything. Why did this happen, why are we living this nightmare. I’m sure this is the same initial feeling for most parents as they cope with the initial feelings of hearing those dreaded words.Your child has cancer.

Michael just recently turned five. He is still battling Leukemia. He had an issue with his port not too long ago, and they removed it via surgery. Also, he had to have a blockage in his heart opened, and this was very dramatic for him. But he continues to fight and smile. He is his mother’s superhero.11140243_1632542810312527_7305269979356666111_n

So on 11MAY15 I will ride for not only a hero, but a superhero. Michael, I hope that things go well for you, and let me tell you it is an honor to ride in your name. I will cherish every moment of this day. You stay strong, and kick cancer in the you know what. Our hero of the day is Michael. Godspeed Ken.

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