Founded on the simple notion that, children deserve the chance to grow old, Heroes and Angels Corp. incorporated in 2015. Founded by three individuals connected to cancer in different ways. Ken, a cancer survivor, Brandy, the mother of a childhood cancer survivor, and Jack, who is motivated to help those that need it.

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Jack | Co-Founder

Co-founder and currently serving as the President and Treasure for Heroes and Angels.  Jack grew up in Arkansas, leaving to join the military where he served honorably for six years.

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Ken | Co-Founder

Co-Founder and currently serving as the 1st Vice President.  Ken is a two time brain cancer survivor. Ken has dedicated his life to helping children. Ken has cycled over 200,000 miles on a bicycle. Most of those miles have been done for charity.  
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Brandy | Co-Founder

Co-Founder and currently serving as 2nd Vice President and Secretary.  Brandy is the mother of Bailey who is a two time childhood cancer survivor. Brandy lives in Cabot Arkansas. She is married to Chris and they have three children.
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