Nick Wolf

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11156113_10205272053152579_7850064510423687696_nAs a request from one of our followers, we are honoring a young man that we haven’t spoke with but felt compelled to share his story.  Our hero of the day is Mr. Nick Wolf.

Diagnosed with brain cancer on Memorial Day 2011, Nick battled the cancer and overcame it but only to be stricken with the cancer again in 2014.  We don’t k
now a lot about Nick but what we have come to learn is that Nick is loved by many and a true hero to more than he can imagine.

While Nick’s life has been up and down in the battle to preserve life, Nick has experienced more thanmost of us ever will.  Nick has swum with dolphins, he has shown others how to live like there is no tomorrow, and he has even ridden a pirate ship.  Ok, well maybe not a real pirate ship, but I bet it was no different for him.

Befriended by the USF baseball team, Nick had more of an impact on the team then the team did on Nick.  But also, what the team did for Nick and his best friend, his brother Scotty, was reunite the two.  Scotty and Nick were best friends, and when Nick received the diagnosis of cancer, Scotty distanced himself.  As I am sure all young kids would feel about their sibling, Scotty just didn’t want to see anything bad happen to his brother.  But along came the USF Bulls baseball team.  They reunited the brothers, and more importantly reunited best friends.

The brothers met the baseball team in 2013, and ever since the brothers have been inseparable.  But the young men on the baseball team learned just as much if not more about life.  Nick taught the young men how to enjoy life, and truly live it to the fullest.  Just as the time Nick rode in on the pirate float with his sword held high, he truly enjoyed life.  The team has been there for Nick, and Nick has been there for the team.

In recent weeks, Nicks health has taken a turn for the worse.  Currently, he is in hospice care; prayers are needed for this young hero.  Nick has battled cancer for the last four years and has done so with a smile on his face.

So today, I will ride with great honor for a young man who embodies the word warrior.  Nick is a fighter, a teacher, and a hero.  Today my ride is for Nick Wolf a young man that has touched the lives of more than he can ever imagine.  May your day be as good as I know mine will be because I am honoring a true hero.  Godspeed Nick.  Ken.

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