Natalie Hightower

JackPast Hero's, Written Memories

image1Today’s Hero is Natalie Hightower. Born to the proud parents of, Heather & Larry, she was a healthy young baby. At the age of 13, Natalie was doing good. She was a cheerleader at her junior high, and that’s when the migraine headaches began. The migraines were persistent so as any concerned parent would do, they took their baby to the doctor on May 9th, 2013, in Mobile, AL. An MRI of her brain revealed a golf ball size tumor. How did this happen, and why now? But there was no time to ask questions, within three days Ms. Natalie had brain surgery and the diagnosis was: Anaplastic Ganglioglioma, a form of brain cancer.

Surgery was mostly successful. There was still some of the tumor left, so she had to endure radiation and chemo treatments. Due to the surgery she lost mobility and feeling in the left side of her body temporarily. She continued treatment until Nov. 2014 is when they discovered that there were two new nodules deep in her ventricles, and they are inoperable. It was High-Grade Gliomas, and it was devastating.

Natalie did make a trip to New York in 2014 for the Make-A-Wish Thanksgiving. She then began more treatment in December after returning from NYC. She has done well though. Natalie is a true hero. Sometimes she is timid, especially when she has been away from her friends too long because of treatments. But she is an inspiration to more than she probably could imagine. One look at her Facebook page ( and you can see that she is a special young lady.

Although this cancer may have taken Natalie’s ability to do the things she once use to do, it did not take away her smile and her ability to live her life. She is doing well as of today; sure there are ups and downs but she is alive and well. The doctors told her that she needed to gain some weight, so, of course, cupcakes and Chic Fil A are on the menu for this young lady.

Natalie is a special young lady, loved by many and admired by more. Her smile can light up the room and will melt your heart. Today I am honored to be able to ride for such a brave hero. My hero Natalie Hightower. Godspeed Ken.