Mary Tipton

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11358633_10203931989600875_560974470_nMary Tipton (or MT for short) is eight years old.  Born14OCT06. She is the oldest of our three daughters.  She is a big sister to Katie, 4, and Hannah, 21 months. She is a Girl Scout, who loves rollerblading, archery, dancing, and swimming.   As far as dancing goes she has been known to “cut a rug” with the best of them.  And some of you will know what it means to “shake it off”.

But just here recently MT started showing signs that mom and dad had just not seen before.  MT was not “shaking it off” like the typical MT.  She had a pesky cold/ and ear infection that she just couldn’t seem to shake off.  Well, the parents thought that it would eventually go away until one day it went from cold/ ear infection to high fever with stomach pains.

Mom and dad got MT in to see the doctor, and their pediatrician sent them straight to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Scottish Rite.  The initial thought was a ruptured appendix.  But after an ultrasound was done, a ruptured appendix would have been a blessing for the family and MT.

Upon first glance, the ER doctor said that MT had an abnormal ovary.  Which in some regard was correct, but instead of it being a twisted ovary that needed surgery repair, it was a mass on her ovary.  06FEB15 the day the parents found out their oldest, their first born child, had cancer.  The words that can bring even the bravest to their knees were uttered for the first time to MT and her parents.

Diagnosed with ovarian dysgerminoma, MT was just beginning the battle to become cancer free.  To make matters worse, MT also had mono that inevitably delayed the treatment for the mass on her ovary.  This delayed treatment until mid-March but had it not been for the diagnosis of mononucleosis, the mass on MT’s ovary would have gone unnoticed for no telling how much longer.  Now I know you never wish your kid gets sick, but here is one instance you have to thank your lucky stars that your child did get sick.  Just goes to show that someone greater than ourself is in control of this thing we call life.

Then in mid-March treatment began after MT had healed from mono.  Treatment consisted of three intense rounds of chemo, and each round required a six-day inpatient stay at Scottish Rite.  For the most part, all three rounds went without a hitch.  There were a few scares along the way, but MT was 11421688_10203934375500521_945370441_nable to shake those scares off and come back vibrant.  MT’s final treatment was on 05MAY15.  Then on 15MAY15 Mary Tipton’s parents gave her a  golden retriever puppy and she named it Georgie, after her oncologist, Dr. George (who saved her life), which signified that MT was done with chemo and in the clear.

Since the last round of chemo, MT has been slowly, well rather quickly been getting back to her usual self.  She is doing so well that, in a couple of weeks she will be heading off to Camp Sunshine for some fun in the sun and the parents some R&R.  MT put a scare in mom and dad, but they are thankful that she is back to herself once again.  I have even heard that she is so much back to her normal self that she is giving @Taylor Swift a run for her money when she’s got to “Shake It Off”.  You can go here: ( and see Ms. MT “shake it off.”

So today on 12JUN15 I will “shake it off” for my hero Mary Tipton.  Cancer came into her body but couldn’t survive.  She overcame something that infected her system; that tried to overtake her system, but she kicked cancer in the tushi and said I got to “shake it off”.  It is an honor to ride in your name MT.  You are a survivor and a hero.  Keep living your life on your terms, and keep “shaking off the haters that gonna hate, hate, hate.”  Godspeed Ken.

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