Little Rock Recap

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So, I noticed that the interviews I did in Little Rock did not portray my story in the light I thought it would.  While I appreciate the effort that, channel 11 KTHV and channel 7 KATV went through, I was disappointed with the finished product.  I didn’t see anything on Channel 7 (but have been told there might be a video out there)  and on Channel 11 they made a brief mention of my ride and then were joking around at the end.   Here in lies the problem with the world today.  Do you think its a laughing matter to talk about childhood cancer?  Is it funny because you yourself have not had to deal with it?  How insensitive can you be, I mean come on.  Act like the adults you are have some freaking compassion in mankind.

When I saw the interview or whatever the heck they put up on channel 11 KTHV, I was outraged.  I told my sponsor not to put it up on the website.  And he agreed that it was not portrayed in the right light.  So, we did some checking around, and low and behold we found some of the interview that Channel 7 KATV did.  And it was the best part of the interview.  It was with one of the Hero’s of Arkansas,  Ms. Bailey Sexton.  I believe the reporters name was Jordan and he did a fantastic job with Bailey.  She said she was a little nervous, but you would never known it by watching the video.  She was great.  As she spoke, those that were there heard her,  maturity and braveness, and were in awe.  There was not a dry eye in the place.

You will have to excuse the background noise and such, this was recorded on a cell phone.  The next time you guys want to make fun of something so near and dear to more than the three of you sitting there doing the news, you ought to think about what your making fun of.  And to think you are the one’s that they are suppose to look up to.  You my friends ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

But for all those that would like to watch a true hero, here it is.  Thanks for following me and please submit any questions or comments or Hero’s that you want me to ride for to:  I will dedicate a days ride to those who have suffered from this horrible disease.


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