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10842178_655799714518388_1962577854289673893_oKinsley Armstrong, (Kinsley’s Krew) is our hero of the day.  Kinsley was born in 2006 and was a happy baby.  Kinsley showed no effects growing up of anything that would make you think that she is a cancer survivor.  But looks can be deceiving.

At the ripe age of five, Kinsley went in for her well child checkup.  It was 16SEP11; Mom (Bobbie) took Ms. Kinsley in to see the doctor.  All seemed to be fine with Kinsley.  There was no apparent need to worry about the appointment.  But as the doctor did her check up, he noticed something.  Something was in Kinsley’s stomach.  The doctor had an ultrasound done and discovered something that would change Kinsley’s life forever.

Once the ultrasound was done, the Armstrong’s were sent to UVA immediately.  It was there that they heard that Kinsley had a tumor in her stomach.  There was multiple test ran, surgeries as well.  After it was all said and done, the diagnosis was Neuroblastoma.  An MIBG scan revealed a spot above Kinsley’s eye and one on her pelvis as well.

Kinsley completed chemotherapy at UVA and had some chemo at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Also at CHOP, Kinsley had surgery to remove the tumor that was in her stomach. She had a bone marrow and stem cell transplant and finished up antibody therapy in April 2013.

Kinsley faced the battle and along the way there were many trials and tribulations.  She had to deal with extreme flooding in Philadelphia on one trip.  She had a clot in her line that had to be surgically removed, and she also loss use of her kidney.  But through it all she toughed it out.  And today she is a cancer survivor.  The family has to make trips to Philadelphia every three to four months for scans, but that’s well worth it considering Kinsley is doing 945499_409455129152849_1101485452_ngreat.

While this is not all about Kinsley, she does make her screenplay debut in the video, it is an excellent music video that I found very touching.  Click the link to see the music video co-starring Ms. Kinsley Armstrong.

So today 13JUN15 I hope on this bicycle for our hero Kinsley Armstrong.  A hero who has survived childhood cancer.  It is a blessing to ride in your name.  I pray for continued clean scans for you Ms. Kinsley.  Keep living life on your terms and keep fighting.  Godspeed Ken.

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