KiKi Khan

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Today’s hero is four-year-old Kay (KiKi) Khan and is she an inspiration. Similar to the young lady who this ride was first inspired by, Alex Scott of @Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. KiKi’s mission, as she states: “I want to help all kids beat cancer.”

Life was not supposed to be like this for this young lady. Due to start preschool last fall, KiKi had a three-day stint of, not being KiKi. So a seemingly harmless trip to the pediatrician, turned their lives upside down in a hurry. From the pediatricians, they were sent to the ER, then it was a 40-day hospital stay where KiKi was fighting for her life.

So what happened during that trip to the ER? Leukemia is what happened. September 2014 the battle began, the battle to save their precious four-year-old daughter. They were immediately admitted to begin chemo. Not long after the chemo started, there was more cancer found in KiKi’s spinal fluid. So what was already going to be a brutal 40-day treatment, just got dialed up a notch or two for this young fighter.

The initial 40-day treatment was a chemo only diet. But after the 40 days, KiKi endured: daily chemo, transfusions, intrathecal chemotherapy, blood work, and intensive physical/ occupational therapy several times per week. In mid-January, KiKi began the second round of treatments. This round is just as harsh as the first round.

None of has been easy for KiKi or the family. Kiki has a weakened immune system, so when a family member is sick, she is isolated for her safety. She must eat a special diet, and to make matters worse, KiKi has had an unusual toxic reaction to one of the key drugs in her chemo protocol. The reaction has rendered KiKi unable to walk, control her bladder, as well as other neurological issues that are being treated with intensive physical/ occupational therapy.

But to keep in all in perspective, is a young lady, a fighter. When it was discovered that KiKi had Leukemia, she also discovered that she had gained many new friends. And they all had that similar look, a shaved head. Not only is it the look they share, but the fight as well. The fight for their lives. And when asked about her illness, KiKi smiled and said the most precious and heartfelt words: “I want to help all kids beat cancer”.

We have seen an aura, or a maturity beyond years with KiKi as we have with others that are battling for their lives. It’s almost as if those that face childhood cancer, they were born with something that others just don’t seem to have at such a young age. Call it fire, call it maturity, call it what you may, but they say that God will not give you more than you can handle. And for these heroes that we have featured here, or anywhere else, they can handle it. They have the burning desire to fight, but not only fight, the desire to help others like no one else does. If only we all had that desire.
So today, 20MAY15, I am grateful to have witnessed the presence of KiKi Khan. I will without a doubt ride with the utmost feeling of prestige while I honor the name of KiKi Khan. It is because of leaders like you that one day our world will be free from this wretched disease. But until then, we are in the hands of someone that cares more than just of herself, but cares for those she hasn’t even met. KiKi, may your day be blessed, keep fighting young princess, and I will honor your name today. You are the true meaning of selflessness and I wish there were more people that would be willing to wear that badge. Godspeed Ken.

To learn more about KiKi and her battle, go to this blog that is kept for her battle:
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