Jeremiah McCarthy

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10407295_880209775328343_3868923427002562718_nTodays hero is Jeremiah McCarthy.  Jeremiah was born in August of 1993.  Jeremiah is a survivor.  At the age of eight he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Since that first diagnosis, Jeremiah has gone on to survive three more bouts with brain tumors.  And each time, he has survived.

During the years of 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2007 Jeremiah was in the battle of his life.  Four times cancer tried to take him from this life, but four times, Jeremiah said no.  During those four different occurrences Jeremiah endured:  four brain surgeries, two Chemos, and Proton Beam Radiation.  He was treated at NYU Medical, NY, NY.  Mass General for radiation.  Treatments were: temodar 2003, Proton Beam Radiation 2004, Anti-Angiogenesis Therapy 5 drug study, Clinical Study II.  And now, for the last six years, Jeremiah has been stable.

Now at the ripe age of 21, Jeremiah is doing well.  Currently he is taking art courses at The Creative Center NY, NY.  In 2009, Dr. Sands, referred Jeremiah to the CBTF Foundation NY, NY for teens and young adults.  Dr. Sands also referred Jeremiah to Camp Mak A Dream, Gold Creek, Montana where Jeremiah has found his niche in the world, working as a mentor at the same place he was once a camper.

Jeremiah started running a few years ago slowly but surely.  He is training for a marathon in the11800874_1151290308220287_1032394840_o fall.  Jeremiah is an artist.  He draws, paints, and does photography.  Through it all Jeremiah has been a power of example of strength, hope, and courage.  And most of all he has been a survivor.

So today, 25JUL15 I will honor this hero, Jeremiah McCarthy.  He has been tested but never faltered.  He has looked cancer in the eyes four times and four times he has beat cancer’s ass.  Jeremiah I am honored to ride in your name.  The strength and courage you posses are far greater than mine.  You keep living life on your terms, Godspeed Ken


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