Ginny Lloyd

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10856808_1449119895369174_6391431463229758188_oThe dictionary defines warrior as, “a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage….” Our hero of today’s ride embodies that spirit. Ginny is a true warrior. Diagnosed with Leukemia in 2005, Ginny took to the battlefield and kicked the crap out Leukemia. And mom Michele, was all too relieved. It was a long battle of two years with chemo, surgeries, and hospital stays, but Ginny and family persevered and won the fight.

Fast forward after a great decade of cancer free Ginny, in January 2015 the Doctors found a rapid growing tumor that needed action quickly. The days leading up to the discovery Ginny suffered from cerebral swelling, severe weakness on the left side of her body and was unable to walk during the two weeks before radiation began. The diagnosis was anaplastic oligodendroglial. A rapid growing tumor with no known cure.

Thinking back ten years ago when Michele had heard those awful words uttered from the doctors mouth, “ your daughter has Leukemia” it was very hard to swallow. But then, her baby pulled through and beat the leukemia after a long two-year battle. But hearing those similar words again, ten years later was even tougher than the first time. And that’s when the prayers began for #GinnysJourney. After two long months of treatment, Ginny can walk again and is doing better. Unfortunately, the battle will continue, but so will the prayers from the countless numbers of friends, family, and unknown faces.

These stories that we feature here are all so tough to hear. They are also very tough for me to write. I can only imagine what it is like for you the parent, or the child that suffers, what it must feel like to you. I admire the strength that you possess to battle, day in and day out. The more amazing thing is, is that smile on the face of the child. The battle against childhood cancer will rage on, and it is up to us to get in the faces of those that, control the funds and those that turn and look the other way. As a two-time brain cancer survivor myself, I know the battle, now I live to tell it to those that hinder our children from the opportunity to grow old.

Ginny, you are a warrior. You beat it once, and you’re going to beat it again. We will continue to fight for you, as you fight the cancer in your body. Keep those prayers coming for #GinnysJourney, who is a true hero in my eyes. Godspeed Ken

Here is a great video of Ginny, please watch it and share with other.