Gabriella Cosner

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Image-1-3Today’s hero is seven-year-old Gabriella Cosner (also known as G), daughter of Adam and Kristin Cosner.  Gabriella is a survivor and big sister to Bridget, who is five.   At the tender age of four, Gabriella, and the rest of the family, lives were turned upside down.

It was late January 2012 when the parents had discovered an unusual skin formation around her pelvic region.  Immediately they scheduled an appointment to see the family doctor.    The next day they met with the doctor, and the doctor seemed to think it was nothing and that was that.  A few weeks later Gabriella had her four year well check up.  Their pediatrician looked at the area, noticed the area had gotten a little larger and prescribed some ointment for the skin formation.  After a week of ointment and the area continuing to grow, the family decided to seek out more medical advice.

X-Rays and a pelvic ultrasound revealed that Gabrielle’s uterus was many times the size that a four-year-old uterus should be.  An appointment was set, and Gabriella was scheduled to see a pediatric gynecologist about 20 days later.  Over the next few days, mom noticed the area getting bigger and knew her baby could not wait that amount of time.  She was on the phone the next morning and was able to move the appointment a week earlier for 14MAR12.

14MAR12, that day was the day no parent wants to live.  It was that day that the Cosner heard those words that elicit such chaotic emotions.  Your daughter has cancer.  The words no parent wants to hear.  Gabriella  diagnosis was embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that usually begins in the muscles of children or young adults. The oncologist estimated the tumor was two months old.  The size of the tumor was an 8-centimeter-by-6-centimeter tumor.

So began the treatment process, the unknown as to if they could remove the cancer. Treatment was a solid year filled with chemo, radiation surgeries, and biopsies.  And in March of 2013, G came out the other side as a survivor.

Through all of the trials and tribulations related to Gabriella’s cancer and treatment, the family was blessed to have friends, family, and the cross fit community.  Both parents were cross fitters, (type of workout) and the bonds that they had made with fellow workout companions, turned out to be part of the inspiration behind, Team G Foundation.  The other part of that inspiration, of course, was their daughter Gabriella.  During the treatment process, the family received so much help and assistance that they felt compelled to pay it forward.  And so began the Team G Foundation. The Team G Foundation grew from the unlikeliness of a child, cancer, and crazy workout people.  Those crazy workout people raised money for Gabriella during her treatment, and now cross-fit clubs all across the country, join in to help others that suffer from childhood cancer.

Gabriella is a survivor, who has inspired, probably more than she will ever be able to imagine.  She fought to beat cancer and came out a winner and today 15MAY15 I am proud to ride in honor of G, our hero of the day.  She beat cancer and is inspiring people to help find a cure for childhood cancer.  Image-1

Gabriella may your day be blessed, and your inspiration be a driving force in the search for the cure.  I am grateful to know you and will honor your name as I ride today.  Godspeed Ken.

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