Delainee Olivia

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11391311_364474510428585_8423799952491230169_nBack in the saddle, headed west.  Trying to do right and help these children that suffer from cancer.  Something that no one, let alone poor sweet innocent children should have to face.  Today’s hero is a warrior princess named Delainee Olivia.

Delainee was born 27JUN08 and lives in Virginia.  At the age of four Delainee hit a major bump in the road of this thing we call life.  She came face to face with her dragons.  Better known as, High-Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Type B.  The day the family heard those words uttered that your daughter has cancer was, 06APR13.  That’s the day the dragons came to stay.

Delainee struggled with facing the dragons for the first year and a half.  Most of the medications that she received, she had a bad reactions to them.  So that meant more hospital time.  Her hair fell out twice, which one can only imagine was a heart breaker.  But through it all, Delainee fought like a warrior and showed the heart of a princess.  Every day was smiling, and living life with no complaints.  She suffered from the pain silently and dealt with the dragons and beat the dragons.

But, unfortunately, the dragons have just recently came back.  Currently, Delainee is in the hospital fighting her second round of fungal pneumonia.  She has been in the hospital for 11 days.  A recent post on her Facebook page (29MAY15) reveals that:

“OK…. not sure what all I’ve. Updated so here it goes. Day 9 in hospital, No fever for almost two days, cat scan, showed probable fungal pneumonia, isolation, iv fluids, one round of platelets, one blood transfusion, liver was affected, Lots of powerful antibiotics, iv anti-fungal meds, reg meds, de-accessed and reaccessed her port,(every 7 days when it needs to be left in) low blood counts, a sore in mouth, headaches. Now bathroom issues. But we are off isolation, numbers are trying to go up, blood made her feel better, color is better, liver is a little happier, one antibiotic has been removed, and there was a tiny mention of preparing things to go home. We r hoping for Sunday at the latest!! She’s eating a tiny bit and drinking a little better. She’s been doing art, a little school time, and awake more… progress!!!! Here she is with her NEGU blanket, new manicure, and a smile, and some her awesome art. Thank u for the continued prayers and thoughts… my dragon fighter!”11160060_352905788252124_6880404797714043905_o

So as Delainee continues to battle her dragons, today I will ride in her name.  My hero today is Delainee Olivia.  A true warrior princess that has beaten the dragons once, and she is going to continue to beat those dragons.  I hope that your day will be blessed, as I know mine will as I will honor your name.  Godspeed Ken

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