Damian Creed

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11391198_391133257759014_7058727108787888161_nDamian Michael Creed is the hero of the day.  Born in 2012 to two veterans of the military, Sarah and Ron were excited to be parents.  Both parents worked full-time jobs, Ron is also a full-time student.  Ron was a paratrooper with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division with service in Iraq. Sarah served in the U.S. Navy with the 6th Fleet.  All was going well until one day Mom was changing Damian’s diaper, and she noticed something odd.

What was that strange thing?  It was Damian’s eye.  His eye was fixed and dilated.  It was the morning of 25MAY14; the parents rushed him to the hospital in Naples Florida.  It was there that a CT scan was done, and there was a mass in the globe of his eye.  Once the mass had been discovered, Damian and Mom were airlifted to Miami’s Children Hospital, and there the diagnosis was made, advanced retinoblastoma.  Shocking words for any parent to hear.

At Miami Children’s Hospital, the more extensive testing showed that Damian had cancer in the left eye and a blood vessel disorder in both eyes, the left was much worse.  His retina was detached and was blind in his left eye.  Fortunately just so happened that a Dr. Timothy Murray worked at Miami Children’s.  He is an ophthalmology oncologist, and one of the best in his field.   So, it was time for the Doc to go to work.

He started laser treatments on the tumor on 28MAY14. Chemotherapy started on 04JUN14.  Over the next six months, Damian survived seven rounds of IAC (intra-arterial chemotherapy).  IAC is where they feed a wire through the femoral artery to the ophthalmic artery and push a concentrated dose of 11121094_357244937814513_9199097411071664353_nchemo directly into the affected eye.  If you remember we heard about this type of procedure with our hero Karli Costley.  Damian has reacted well to the treatment, and currently he’s being treated for high pressure within the eye, and he’s getting an MRI before his next laser procedure in August.

It is good to hear that things are going well for Damian.  Today, 18JUN15 I hope that Damian continues with successful treatment.  And I will ride in honor of this young hero who is still battling a disease that no kid should fight.  Damian, I hope your day is blessed, and it is an honor to be able to ride in your name.  Keep fighting and keep winning.  Godspeed Ken.

To see more about Damian and his battle go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-Damian/274132256125782?fref=ts

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