Colton Renew

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Our angel of the day is Colton Renew.  Colton (Colty) and his twin brother Conner (Chewy) were born to somewhat surprised but relieved mom and dad, Amber and Scott.  Born 90 days early, and after spending 90 days in the NICU after birth, the parents were happy to take the boys home.  And once they got him home the boy in Colty reigned supreme.

Colty was a leader, strong-willed, and someone his brother Chewy looked up too.  Then two weeks before the dynamic duo were to turn three, Amber noticed  something that didn’t look right.  There was a lump on Colty’s neck.  So immediately they took Colty to the Emergency Room.  Three days later the thing they feared most was true.  Neuroblastoma, stage IV, high-risk was the diagnosis.

The lump turned out to be a tumor in his lymph node that was secondary to the tumor in his adrenal gland.  Through many test and trials and anything else, the doctor could think of, eight months later the Renew’s brought Colty home to enjoy the time that he had left.  With the majority of his pancreas, gall bladder, lungs, and part of his liver consumed by the tumor on May 1st, 2014 Colty left this life to meet his creator.

Survived by his parents Amber and Scott, twin brother Conner,  sister Kennady, and  big brother Kristopher, Colton was a hero who became an angel.  While his time here was short, the memories that were formed will last a lifetime.

I would like to take this one step further and talk about this amazing family.   From the little bit of research, I have done on this amazing family I would like to honor not only their angel Colton, but would like to honor their whole family.  Judging by their Facebook page for Colton, ( while they have lost the battle with Neuroblastoma to their son Colton, they  continue to fight.  They fight  for others that have been in the same shoes as their precious son.  Why?  Why do they continue to help others fight when they have seen and dealt with the probable end result?

I don’t know the Renew’s personally, but I can tell you this; that for a family to continue the fight when it doesn’t even truly concern them anymore, it takes gall.  It takes someone with fortitude, to look those in the face that don’t seem to care, and tell them it’s time to give a damn.  I commend you for your  tenacity and your sticktoitiveness.  It takes someone with, real courage to continue to fight like your family has.  So today, I honor your angel Colton, but please allow me to honor the family of an angel as well.  To Amber, Scott, Kristopher, Kennady, and Conner I honor you, the family of an angel, on this day as well.  Godspeed Ken