Brayden Lane

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11066536_378091369058533_3168623994605898305_nBrayden Lane is the hero of the day.  Born in 2010 to the proud parents of Scott and Brittney, Brayden was the poster boy for a healthy young kid.  At the age of five everything was going well for Brayden.  He was playing t-ball, basketball, hunting, and fishing and all the other things five-year-olds do.  Not a care in the world, just enjoying life.

Brayden was attending VPK earlier this year when life got turned and flipped over upside down.  One day, while, at school, Brayden was not being Brayden.  So the teacher called Brayden’s parents to inform them that Brayden was acting strange, and his face was beginning to swell up.  The confused parents raced to Brayden’s school to pick their baby up and headed straight to the doctors office.

The appointment with the doctor didn’t reveal anything alarming to the doctor, but the parents knew better.  The next morning Brayden and his parents rushed to the pediatric ER in Halifax.  It was then, 21APR15, the words that no one wants to hear were spoken, “your son has cancer.”  But why, how, where did it come from?  Unfortunately, there was no time to answer questions, Brayden needed to transfer to the Arnold Palmer Cancer Center in Orlando for the treatment of his Leukemia, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

The following day treatment began.  First, Brayden had a bone marrow aspiration that confirmed the initial diagnosis.  Then a myriad of surgeries to include: surgery to insert a port into his chest, multiple lumbar punctures, biopsies, transfusions, and chemotherapy treatments. Due to complications from the Leukemia, Brayden is still currently an inpatient at Arnold Palmer.

The battle has just begun for this young warrior.  If all goes well, Brayden can expect to have three 11204466_390480824486254_2662189273908798124_nand a half more years of chemotherapy and other treatments.  Things have not been easy for Brayden and the family.  Recently, the doctors discovered a rare infection in Brayden, which has halted all treatment for his Leukemia.

He is currently receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) intravenously which will help him recover and get back on track for treatment.  His temper is still there when the doctors come in, so that is a good sign that Brayden has more fight in him.  The road is going to be rough, but the family is confident that Brayden will pull through and be back to his normal self just as soon as possible.  The family has asked for prayers for their baby.

In this short time since being diagnosed with Leukemia, Brayden has made a huge impact on the childhood cancer community.  With supporters across the country, the support has been a huge stress reliever to the parents.  In fact, on 20JUN15 there is a “Day for Bray” at Bull Creek Fish Camp.  More info can be found here: 

So today, 14JUN15 I saddle up on this bicycle, this rain-soaked, weary, tired man, to honor a young warrior.  His name is Brayden Lane.  He has a Facebook account named Brayden’s Army (, and he has an army rooting him on to a clean bill of health.  Brayden it is my honor to ride for you young man.  I will overcome my petty complaints and honor your name with pride.  I will uplift your name in prayer while I pedal down the road for a young warrior, Brayden.  May your day be blessed and don’t ever quit fighting.  Godspeed Ken.

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