Brandon Overholt

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11148330_1431372757169030_6880840505140641399_nFour-year-old Brandon Overholt is our hero of the day today.  Born in 2010 Brandon is in the fight of his life against childhood cancer.  Brandon suffers from very advanced and aggressive, high-risk stage IV Neuroblastoma.

Brandon has had a difficult last year and a half.  He has been battling for his life and, unfortunately, his body is not allowing him to win that battle.  Despite that fact, he keeps fighting and keeps hoping.  Hoping that somehow, he will survive and there will be an end to this lack of funding that is so desperately needed to support kids that suffer from cancer.

So you think you had a crappy 2014, well then it’s reality check time.  Mr. Brandon had eight rounds of chemo with no success; he had the life-threatening tumor removal surgery in MSK.   The surgery took over 10 hours and cost him one of his kidneys.   It took Brandon about a month and a half to recover in PICU.  Then another two months before he was able to go back home.   Brandon also had two rounds of MIBG treatments at the CHOP, and had little response from the treatment.

While recovering from surgery, it was discovered Brandon’s bone marrow covered with a tumor, which is very aggressive as well.  The family is awaiting the results of a bone scan and biopsy of the marrow, to see how the doctors are going to proceed.  Brandon is on the last protocol of meds now, and the only hope after that is clinical trial studies.  The doctors are almost out of options to treat Brandon, but he keeps fighting.

Unfortunately, the future is not looking promising for our hero Brandon.  The parents are hopeful but don’t have answers to the questions they so deeply want answers too.  Will, can, could their baby boy make the unthinkable happen and beat the odds?  Or is the unimaginable outcome, of losing the battle, the likely thing to happen?  The family ask for prayers and also for everyone to sign the petition at One Degree.

It’s tough to hear the stories of the children that have to battle for their lives.  These stories tear me up inside.  I wish there is something more that I could do.  I take it personally.  And for our hero Brandon, there are so many unanswered questions.  But, young man, keep fighting.  To steal the words of the late great Jim Valvano, “don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

Mom states that:

We officially out of protocol meds on the table.  So far any kinds of chemo is not working at all.  And waiting to hear from the trial studies out there with no guarantee yet….
If this doesn’t work, We only have 2 months as max left for Brandon to live…
We try to appreciate as we all 3 of are here togather but cant help but wondering about our fearfull future what Brandon has to face all alone.

Today 22MAY15, I saddle up to ride the mountains in honor of a hero.  A hero named Brandon Overholt11260759_1427986800840959_876719101_o.  While life is full of unanswered questions, they should never be questions of whether my child will live or not.  Keep fighting Brandon and may you have a blessed day today as I ride in your name.  Godspeed Ken.

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