10MAR17 Hero of ride, Sophia

JackChildhood Cancer

Today Ken rides for a Hero, Sophia. “Looking at this 3 month old angel you would never have guessed the fight she has fought already. The beginning of this miracle began when Alisha (mom) was told that she could not have anymore children. She had a condition that had to be treated with a hysterectomy. At a doctor’s appointment just 3 weeks before, her plans for surgery changed. She was pregnant again. Although high risk, Alisha was elated! As her pregnancy progressed so did her excitement and anticipation. Telling her children, friends and family. God had his hand on her … Read More

09MAR17 Hero of the ride, Michael

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Today Ken rides for a Hero, Michael. Michael was a energetic 9 year old boy always jumping on the trampoline, just loving life. He loves playing Xbox, playing with friends but we started noticing Michael not feeling well around the end of January of 2015. He was running fever and vomiting and headaches the Doctors said strep throat. This lasted for two months so on March 18 th 2015 Michael was projectile vomiting at children’s hospital they ran a CT scan they told us Micheal had a tumor on his cerebellum a size of a lemon. On March 21 2015 … Read More

08MAR17 Angel of the ride, Sara Lourdes

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Today Ken rides for an Angel, Sara. Sara Lourdes Do Dx: August 15th 2011 Age: Forever 3 This is Sara Lourdes. Nick name Sarita lulu named after both grandmothers. A bubbly little girl with a big heart. She was very sociable and down to earth. She loved music with passion and food! Though she was partially blind due to her cancer Retinoblastoma, that didn’t stop her from feeling the beauty of life and even the slightest of seeing as well. She loved the movies Frozen and Hotel Transylvania. Her love and passion for life was endless until she passed away … Read More

05MAR17, Hero Ray Ray

JackChildhood Cancer

  Today Ken rides for Raygan Skye Batton. “Meet Rayray, now 5 1/2 yrs old.. Short version of her story!! Diagnosed on 5/20/13 with High Risk Neuroblastoma Stage IV.. standard COG treatment, 6 rounds chemo, stem cell harvest, surgery, high dose chemo with stem cell transplant, 20 days of sedated radiation, 6 months of immunotherapy.. Raygan reached NED, no evidence of disease on Marc h 12, 2014 and has remained cancer free since.. She endured more in her 2 years on earth than most people have in a life time.. Her 18 month treatment ended on Oct. 5, 2014 and … Read More

04MAR17 Angel, Ethan

JackChildhood Cancer

Today Ken rides for an Angel, Ethan. “Ethan D Fox, forever 9. Diagnosed with DIPG March 18th 2016, gained his wings December 5th 2016. Battles bravely for 9 short months. Ethan loved sharks, video games especially war, shooting games, also loved camping, fishing, swimming. Favorite color was blue. Had 2 siblings, sister 11 and baby brother 2. Ethans dad had passed away December 18th 2011. Ethan was full of energy, very caring and an excellent child. Was a silly, full of life child, always put a smile and everyones face.” DIPG is a four letter word. It’s brutal, it hits … Read More

03MAR17 Hero, Saylor Wilkinson

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Today Ken is riding for a Hero, Saylor Wilkinson. This beautiful young lady is 15. Saylor’s mom, Shanda Wilkinson, reached out to me, “My daughter is Saylor Wilkinson. She is 15 and fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was diagnosed in August of 2015. She loves her family, her dogs, music and art. She is an honor student and has kept up with school throughout treatment. She is one amazing hero!” On top of all of this, Saylor lost her best friend this year, her grandfather. He passed unexpectedly due to complications during surgery. It’s always a little more difficult with our … Read More

02MAR17 Angel of the day: Jon David Wyatt

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Today Ken is riding for an Angel, . First I’d like to share what Jon David’s mother sent to us: “Hello Chrissy tagged me in your post. It would be an honor if you would ride for Jon David wyatt. He is our angel. He passed away Jan 26, 3017 (3 days before his 4th bday)from Wilm’s tumor that he had been fighting for almost two years. First round when it was just in his kidney we thought he beat it. Within 2 months from end of chemo it came back in liver and after that he just couldn’t beat it even … Read More

Raygan Batton: Hero 11APR16

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  Todays hero is Raygan Batton.  It brings me great pleasure to honor Raygan as our hero of the day.  Some of you may remember Raygan from the ride last year.  Its great to hear that Raygan is doing well.  Here is the latest on Raygan followed by the post from last year when we honored her. Today’s hero is Raygan, aka Ray Ray. Ray Ray was only 21 months old when she was diagnosed on May 20th, 2013 with high risk Neuroblastoma stage IV. On October 5th, 2014, she completed the 18 month long COG protocol. She is currently … Read More

Miara Miles: Hero 10APR16

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Miara Miles is our hero today, 10APR16. Mira is 18 years old and suffers from a inoperable brain tumor, epilepsy, asthma, and heart issues. Doctors are still trying to figure some issues with her blood, and they will know more at her next appointment. But, Miara doesn’t let it stop her from achieving what she wants in life. Miara has an organization called Miles of love by Miara on Facebook, and she sends gifts/cards to kids 18 and under going through cancer, cystic fibrosis, and epilepsy. Miara graduates from high school this year. Because of hard work and good grades … Read More


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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Mr. Ken is spreading awareness as he rides from Oregon to Arizona. Ken likes to honor a child when he is riding and today he honors Brooks. Brooks is our hero of the day. Brooks is a three-year-old blue eyed, blond hair, high energy young man. He has brought much joy to his parents, his older brother and sister, and his extended family. Sometimes he has so much energy it gets the best of him and those who love him. Brooks parents are both school teachers at the local high school and were … Read More