Ava Morgan

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10361570_10201885411811127_7766247310373889434_nAva Morgan is the hero of the day. Ava is a very special young lady. Ava was born in 2010 to a proud mom Kathie. But the pregnancy was not the average everyday pregnancy. There were complications early in the pregnancy and forced mom to have Ava just a few weeks early.

A few weeks early doesn’t do it justice. The doctors found out that the baby in Kathie’s stomach had a Sacrococcygeal teratoma. Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a tumor that is found in newborns that develop before birth on the baby’s tailbone. In some cases, this can be life threatening to both baby and mother. But this teratoma was discovered at 26/27 week of pregnancy. So Katie had to make some quick decisions.

The teratoma was blocking Ava’s urethra, so her urine was backing up into her kidneys. Mom was unable to create any amniotic fluid, which was very dangerous to both, mom and baby. So the decision was made to deliver Ava at 28 weeks.

Ava was born, and when she came out, she weighed a whopping tow pounds and 14 ounces. The parents were unable to hold Ava until her fifth day in this world. But when day five came, there was no better day than that for the proud parents. Along with holding Ava that day, the doctors also removed the tumor that hindered the pregnancy.

After the tumor had been removed, baby Ava did not recover like they thought she would. Her levels 10383761_10201780471147676_2413046483249722845_okept creeping up after the surgery, so it was decided that chemo was the next best option. After suffering through five rounds of chemo that began at the age of five days, her levels came down. And down they stayed. Ava is five now, and she has to go in for a checkup every six months. The checkup consist of an MRI, and blood work.

Ava and mom both survived a scary situation. Mom is well, and Ava is well too, but she has side effects from the tumor removal and chemo treatment. Ava has issues with controlling her bowels and also wears a leg brace on her right leg. But, she is alive and well and smart as a whip.

Today, 17JUN15 I ride for our hero Ava. The miracle baby. Mom and Ava both are heroes. I will honor both Ava and Katie as I ride today. It is an honor to be able to ride for baby and momma Morgan. I hope that your day will be blessed. Ava, keep living life on your terms and enjoy life. Godspeed Ken.

To see more of Ava’s life you can view her mom’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kemorgan

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