Abby Snider

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11208836_10153335972257376_1703725834_nAbby epitomizes the meaning of fighter. Born 26FEB99 Abby lived a pretty normal childhood. It wasn’t until early 2014 that things started to take a turn for the worse for Abby. Two days before Ms. Abby was to turn 15, the family received a call from Abby’s pediatrician. He told the family that they needed to pack their bags and come to the hospital. Unfortunately for Abby they had to cancel her 15th birthday party. But there were more important things to take care of.

Abby was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with CNS involvement on 01MAR14. The battle began for this fighter, Abby. Abby endured more than most. She has battled the side effects of chemo that almost took her life several times. They then tried asparaginase, which caused her to have acute pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis can have severe complications and high mortality despite treatment and only occur in 5% children who are administered asparaginase. After this, she reverted to a toddler and experienced extreme psychosis and seizures. Then after recovering, she was given methotrexate that drove her kidneys into failure. But, she was able to recover after she received a dose of enzymes to break down the methotrexate.

Abby recently celebrated her 16th birthday.  A surprise birthday, the one she had been dreaming about since she was 2.She has had a pretty rough go of it this first part of 2015. Has only been able to attend school 25 + days this year. Has been in and out of treatment, and has been close to death several times.  At one point her weight was right at 90 lbs.  But God has a different plan for this fighter. It is Abby’s desire to be able to help all children with cancer. She has been able to speak to six different groups related with Special Love, which helps bring awareness to childhood cancer and helps with fundraising. Abby also would like to be a childhood cancer model so that, she can inspire others with cancer so they may pursue their dreams.11215269_10153338395282376_1059766253_o

As you can see, Abby embodies the word fighter. She has dealt with way more than I could ever imagine having to deal with. So, today 09MAY15, I would like to honor you, my hero. Also it was great to meet you last night. I thank you and your family for taking the time to come and meet with me. Abby, it is an honor to be able to ride in your name. May you have a blessed day. I know mine will be great because I get to honor the fighter, Abby. Godspeed Ken.

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