6,000 Down, 4000 To Go, And Ken’s Next Adventure

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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 05.17.45Hello, all.  First I would like to thank the numerous people that have liked my Facebook/ Twitter page.  Thanks for the support and the following.  Without you guys, I would not be able to make this trip.  Secondly, I would like to thank the hero’s and angels parents for allowing me to honor their child.  It is something that I feel is an honor to be able to pedal a bicycle in your child’s name.  And I hope it helps to get your story out to others that may not know about the wretched hell that some parents may go through.  And finally and most importantly, thank you to the hero’s and angel’s.  It is because of you I ride.  I wan
t just as bad as you, for there to be a cure for cancer.  Some people are put here on this earth to be business people.  Some are sandwich makers while some are teachers.  But then there are a select few that are put here to bring people together and unite for something good.

If you look back at the hero’s and angel’s that we have featured on the first half of this trip, you will see some common traits.  Braveness, desire, and maturity beyond their years, to name a few.  But another thing you will see is that the community is rallying around that child and their family.  I am amazed at all the goodwill that happens within the confines of childhood cancer.  In all my trips across the country by bicycle, I have experienced much goodwill.  I have always told others if you want to restore your faith in humans, jump on a bike and ride across the country.  But the childhood cancer community goes above and beyond what I have ever experienced.

I believe that we are living in a suppressed world.  We have been taught that everything was bad.  All we see on TV is war, war or drugs, or war against other countries, and war against each other.  The news that we hear makes us believe that everything is bad.  They have manipulated us into believing that our neighbor is the enemy.  But that’s not the case.  People inherently like to help.  It is why we were put here on this earth.  But we have let mainstream media control how we think, and it has people scared of helping others.

The childhood cancer community is very giving and very loving.  Complete strangers help each other out.  Rather it is by a note of encouragement or a donation to help with their child; it truly is amazing to see.  Just as it is with the generous people that you meet along the way of a trip across the country on your bicycle.

With all that said, we are in the process of creating a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.  We want to help children and their family with their non-medical needs, who suffer from a type of cancer.  The paperwork is being put together, and we will submit it soon.  We are planning next years ride.  We are looking for other people that may want to join our cause and help with the non-profit, or who want to ride and raise money to support our cause.  We are looking for sponsors that would like to help us in providing support to the children.  There are a lot of ideas we have, and we are very excited about the next step in what we hope to call, “Heroes and Angels.”  A simple name for who we represent.

But, I still have about 4,000 miles to get back home before I can finalize the details of this new venture.  Within that time frame, I still hope to raise more money for childhood cancer and Alex Lemonade Stand.  Raising funds for Alex’s has been difficult because I have to ask other people to set up a lemonade stand while I ride.  As you probably have noticed, I have not had a lemonade stand since leaving Tennessee.  Not because I didn’t want to, but because it’s tough to get someone to commit to helping.  But we are asking now, if you would like to help and host a stand and you live in the general area from Rhode Island to Oregon, please reach out to me and let me know.  You can leave a message on Facebook or email me at ken@kens10,000milesforchildhoodcancer.com.   I am also probably going to have to stop and wor
k along the way.  I have incurred a lot of expense on this trip and have gone in the hole more than I ever dreamed I would.  So, if someone has some work that I can do and lives on that same path from Rhode Island to Oregon, then let me know.  I can do just about anything other than build skyscrapers so.

Thank you again to all of you that have supported this first half of the trip.  I hope that you will continue to follow and that when we begin our new adventure that you will be alongside for that as well.  I would also like to say a little something to those that we consider angel’s and their parents.  Although your child has left this life far too early, they were here just the right amount of time.  We all have a purpose in life. Unfortunately, theirs was shorter than ours.  But, they came into yours and ours lives to do something.  For some it could be rallying the community, for others it could have been to bring the family closer together.  But whatever it may have been, they came and fulfilled their creators purpose.  So don’t live in misery.  Live with a sense of fulfillment.  Your angel will never be forgotten because they have evoked something bigger, and hopefully we will all get to see that one day in the form of no more childhood cancer.

I commend the families that are or have dealt with childhood cancer.  You all are the strongest people that roam this planet.  Only if you guys could run this country.  The passion, the desire, and the fortitude that you have to help your child and other children beat this ugly disease is what we need all Americans or all ethnicity’s to possess.

I will be in Rhode Island for at least a week, but it might be two.  We are working on setting up a 11165160_1573263369592398_6663381601443765842_nlemonade stand and depends on when we can get it set up.  But, I look forward to the last half of this trip.  Hopefully, we can reach many more people, and raise lots more for the Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation.  I hope to meet several of you on my way back across as well.  I know there are a couple opportunities that I may be able to help a few hero’s out on my way back home.  Please continue to follow this journey and future journeys.  Share my ride with your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbors, your enemies, and whoever else is out there.  Let’s see if we can make the last half of this trip epic.  Godspeed Ken.

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